Goodbye City, Hello Foothills

 It has been just a week since I have moved, and while I am adjusting quite nicely to my new home, I still have a gazillion things to unpack. One day at a time I suppose. It was great hanging out with so many of my friends before I departed the Bay Area. While I miss them dearly, I know I will be seeing them soon soon soon, as I will be back in the next couple of weeks. Can’t keep me away for too long.

I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!
PSA - Don't do crack folks!
It will be nice to finally get back into a routine of running. I have to admit, with the move, my weekly mileage has been less than spectacular, I still managed to get a few runs in here and there, but nothing grand by any sorts.

Because I am new to the area, I researched meetup groups where I could join in on some group runs. I found the Folsom Trail Runners who meet up at Folsom Lake a couple of times a week for trail runs. Last Tuesday I was able to get away from unpacking madness and go for a lovely 5 mile jaunt with some nice trail runners.

On Saturday, I attended the Robert and Linda Mathis Memorial Run in Auburn. December 2011, this lovely race director couple was killed by a drunk driver. While I never met them personally, they put on some amazing races. There were a ton of runners who attended the event. Some were starting at different times. The official group start time was at 9am. Before we headed out a heartfelt letter from the family was read by the organizer which certainly made me tear up.

On the trails, UMM stuck by my side, but that did not last longer than a half mile and away he went. The weather while overcast, was perfect for running. The course was set for 15 miles that included some of the Western States trail with the turn around being held at the Way Too Cool Finish line. I had never explored these trails before and I was oooing and awing every stride of the way. Two miles into the run, I met a few runners and pretty much stuck with them the entire run! Hooray for new running friends. Sisters who were ultra running veterans and knew the trails well. Not one to study a map beforehand, I felt confident to be running aside such superb navigators. Thinking that is was part of the course though, we ended up running (hiking) Training Hill. What a climb. It just went on and on and on with over 1,000 feet elevation. I found out later that it actually was not part of the course (no wonder I didn’t see any ribbons, the trail was really well marked), but I felt pretty badass for tackling it all just the same.

Truly can't beat waterfall crossings
New friends and badass trail runners

It was so nice to get to know these instant friends and I even saw UMM out on the course. He managed to squeeze in 22 miles while I only ran 15.

This run was free to participate in, and I was surprised to see that there were two aid stations set up just loaded with food. What a treat! Jennifer Lee Dicus organized the event and what a fabulous job she did! There was even raffle prizes with the proceeds going to the Robert and Linda Mathis Foundation that supports DUI prevention programs. I even won a raffle prize for a trail race in the Bay Area! Ironic?

Mud is good for the soul.
So overall, I would say that my welcoming to El Dorado County was a huge success! I am excited to learn more about the area and hopefully meet some new people in the months to come!

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