A Trail First

It’s the beginning of the month and what better way to kick -off February than to have my very first back to back double digit long runs on the trails!

On Friday, UMM and I met up with Paulette and Kevin who took a rest stop before heading out to their skication. Well, it wasn’t really a rest stop, as UMM took us on a guided 11.6 mile tour exploring the Forest Hill Divide Trail in Auburn. The trail led us in a loop where we added a brief out and back on a side trail to admire a view. 

Paulette and I
The Boyz
I will be honest, I felt a bit off on this run. Still trying to get properly acclimated in my new home, I found it hard to breath. The weather was actually pretty warm and I was able to run in shorts and a tank. Not complaining as I love the warm weather, however, the air out in these parts is a bit more dry and I went through my 1 liter Hydropack like nothing at all. I fell well behind the pack, but regardless, enjoyed my time out on the trails. I was totally zen. And it was so nice to see my friends and catch up!

Saturday, UMM and I headed back to the Auburn Dam Overlook where we met up with The Folsom Trail Runners. The group was going to carpool to an area and do a point to point of 22 miles ending at ADO. Since UMM was ready to rock the 22, and I only wanted to do 12, I virtually coordinated with gals to do an out and back starting from ADO ensuring that UMM and I would end at the same place.

Still learning about all the trails Auburn has to offer, we started on a different route than the one I ran last weekend. The trail looked familiar, and I realized I was running on some of the same course as The Blood Sweat and Beers race I did a few years ago. It was so lovely to meet the gals that I had been chatting with online, Stephanie and Crystal. They were super nice. I ended up running with Crystal the whole time. Even though she was sick, she was still rocking it out on the trails. At the turn around we met back up with Stephanie to finish our run! I felt better the second day than I did previous. The last couple of miles however, my legs were a shaking! It was awesome!!! Running with The Folsom Trail Runners is perfect for UMM and I. He finds buddies to run with at his pace, and I with mine.

Stephanie & Crystal
I am very happy that I accomplished my first back to back double digit longs runs on the trails. Sure the mileage might not seem like much with Friday running 11.6 and Saturday 12.3, but it is certainly a start! Can’t beat running with friends as well as meeting some new ones! 

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Evans Jacobs - Running cautiously
Rob and UMM looking like they can run 22 more miles!
Even though I have been trail running for as long as I have been road racing,  I am just now increasing my mileage, running longer distances on the trails, I have learned so much. It fascinates me that in a 5k race, I am a front pack runner, road half marathons and beyond; I am a mid packer, yet on the trails I am in the back of the pack. I don’t mind. Regardless, where I am in the pack, I am enjoying the journey and the people I am meeting along the way.

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