It has been a month since I had moved and every weekend it seems there are new trails to explore in the area! What a lucky girl I am!

On Friday, UMM and I headed out to the El Dorado Hills area where we explored the American River South Fork Trail. I have to be honest and mention that I did a lot more jiking than actual running, but I really enjoyed exploring the trail hand in hand with UMM verses inhaling his dust as he ran up the mountain. It was beautiful, the views were breathtaking and in this month of February, it was quite warm. The first few miles of the trail were very exposed. I had planned for such and wore a running skirt, and a hat to protect my head. Still though, it was hot. We ended up only doing seven miles, which was probably for the best.

Happy reminder to stretch found on the trails

On Saturday, UMM woke up at still dark thirty, got ready, and we parted ways. He went out to join the Folsom Trail Runners on a 22 mile Western States Training Run. Even though he did not make it into the Western States this year, he was still allowed to join in on the fun. He ended up kicking ass on the trails and meeting some new run buddies to boot.

I decided to head out to Granite Bay near the Roseville area and run a ten mile race. The race was put on by TBF Racing and it was a bit pricey if you ask me. The aid stations were not fully loaded, and there was no chip to time the event. I do need to point out however that the course was extremely well marked with tons of volunteers. So that was really nice. Not to mention, it was well organized. In the future though, I just can’t justify paying $5 per mile that does not include parking which was an additional $12.

I had a fun time though despite the complaints. The trail was very winding with lot’s of rolling hills and scenic views of the lake. My pace training on the trails had been averaging between a 12-14 minute pace, but at the Escape From Folsom race, I really pushed myself and was able to cross the finish line in 1:43:32 at a 10:21 avg pace. I couldn’t be happier!

Folsom Lake view from Granite Beach
This week will bring on a whole new set of trail challenges and I am ready to conquer, er, well try to conquer at least.

And how about you, are you feeling lucky with your training?

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