The San Francisco Marathon Wog n' Wag 5k Fun Run

Wog - (verb) Combining the words Walk and Jog together. Wog.
Wag - (verb) Doggie tails going crazy.

On Sunday I organized a 5k fun run meetup as part of my San Francisco Marathon Ambassador duties. Well, it was more fun than a duty really. It was held in Campbell, Ca and yep, if you hadn’t of guessed by the title, it included dogs! My two favorite things; running and animals!

I partnered up with Furry Friends Rescue. A non profit devoted to finding forever homes for animals. The event was free to participate, but a donation of food, toys, or monetization was appreciated. All proceeds of course went FFR.

One of my favorite running stores Running Revolution hosted the event, and Okashi Barkery, that is an oh so cute dog cookie bakery and boutique sponsored the dog biscuits that were handed out after the 5k wog. 
Tim Schenone co owner of Running Revolution posing w/ his BFF. Photo courtesy of  Iwona Bibillo

There were over 50 people that came out to the event. Included on the guest list were runners and non runners alike who were all dog lovers.

Fellow Ambassadors; Albert, Meg, and Paulette also came and helped out. As well as fiance UMM. I could not have pulled it off without all of them there!

Meg, Albert, Paulette and I!
Meg perhaps thinking about bringing another pup home?

The 5k was not timed. No clocks. Just runners and their dogs having fun running on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Even though it was a fun run, Albert and UMM still went out and marked the course. 

All dogs got a cute San Francisco Marathon bandana to wear and all people got some SFM swag that gave them super powers. So, I might be exaggerating about the super powers, but you really never know when The San Francisco Marathon is involved! 

After the wog, everyone came back for food and festivities. Furry Friends Rescue even brought an adorable Doggie Kissing Booth to add to the fun! For those who hadn’t registered for the San Francisco Marathon, a discount code was also given.

My favorite picture of the bunch - UMM getting doggie kisses! Photo courtesy of  Iwona Bibillo
Supporting the community is important to me as it is with The San Francisco Marathon. Overall, I felt this was a very successful community event. People were very generous and kind giving to Furry Friends Rescue. Mom and Pop shops like Running Revolution and Okashi Barkery were able to get some exposure. And, if the event got but one non runner to register for The San Francisco Marathon, even if it is only for the 5k event, then I would say it was success all around! 

All photos out on the course were taken by UMM and edited by me unless otherwise stated. Now that's teamwork! :)

Wonder what I was laughing at? Photo courtesy of Iwona Bibillo
On a related but slightly random topic, I can’t wait to have a dog of my own! I wanted to take all the adoptable dogs home with me that morning, but I knew UMM would not be happy. It will happen though and when it does, I can’t wait to take my four legged bff running!

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