A Racing Snail and the Luck Dragon

A racing snail? Seems like an oxymoron if you ask me. Just like the character from my favorite childhood movie; The Neverending Story, I am that snail. Only I am not super fast like that snail was.

On Saturday, I ran 22.5 miles on trails. It was perhaps the slowest 22.5 miles I have ever run. I participated in the American River 50 mile training run. While I am not running AR50, I will be volunteering with The Folsom Trail Runners at the mile 22 aid station. Say hi if you pass by. So basically I was out there running with some really cool people just trying to get my miles in. I ran a lot, I walked a lot. I talked with strangers, and drank a ton of water as it was quite warm out. Not to mention beautiful. I love spring and there were so many wild flowers in bloom with butterflies galore. Loved all the water views too, so pretty. The trail was not super tough. A lot of rolling hills and then one big hill climb at the end. I had a tough time in the areas that were exposed as the sun was beating down and my water pack was running low. UMM who ran 33 miles caught up to me that last couple of miles and together we wogged to the finish. A huge highlight for me as this will rarely happen and it was a nice way to end the run.

I have said this before and I will say it again; I am not certain I am cut out for long distance running. I love running though, so I try. And with my first 50K right around the corner, I will keep pushing on until then. Not everyone can be like UMM who I think has super human running abilities. Or my friend who I compare to Kilian, a beast on the hill climbs. Or even one of the Inside Trail Racing Ambassadors who can basically just run for days and not even look like she has broken a sweat. No. I am me. And while every one of us has a special run talent to bring to the table, we all have one thing in common; We love to run. And regardless of time and pace, I am just happy to get out there and enjoy where running has and will take me.

Secretly though, I wish I was Falcor. Who wouldn’t want to fly like this lovable luck dragon? ;)

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