Celebrating, Spectating, & a Discount Code

I took a bit of a drop with my mileage this last week. Mainly because, I have been having some calf issues that made running painful. So, I dropped mileage, stretched, rolled, and am hoping for the best. Next week, I am planning to ramp back up. Ready. Set. Go!

The beginning of the month meant another birthday and good friends came out to help me celebrate by a wine tour around the area. We rented the FART Bus otherwise known as the Foothills Area Rapid Transit and safely jumped from winery to winery tasting delicious Sierra Foothills Wine. I have to say my favorite was Holllys Hill. The view and the wine were superb. Though, there was this amazingly delicious chocolate port wine that I fell in love with at Narrow Gate. The wine adventure had a theme and it was certainly fun dressing up. The next day, most of us got up early and ran around my favorite lake, Jenkinson, (A.K.A. Sly Park) in Pollock Pines. I jiked w/ a friend who does not run, but did manage to get her going for a little bit! She did awesome and I’m thinking, “perhaps I will make a runner out of her yet.” I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life. Don’t know what I would do without them really and am very happy they came out to see me!

Layla, Kevin and Paulette
Making friends out on the trail
Anyway, back to the week, on Saturday, I went out and cheered at Way Too Cool. UMM was running it, and a whole lot of friends were as well. A lot of them were popping their ultra cherries, so of course I just had to be there! It was a very long day, but a great time nonetheless. It was fun to be a spectator without the pressure of running. For me, it was like one huge running party where every few steps I took, I bumped into someone I knew. After I cheered and took pictures at the eight mile mark, I found myself a nice little gathering spot right in front of the finish line with a packed lunch and beers in tow. I was also doggie sitting my parents husky wolf mix and boy did she get a lot of attention! 

Gordy, The Ultra Pioneer
Layla & Kristen
Alyssa at mile 8
Sadie dog making friends
UMM ran hard and strong and while he didn’t meet his goal of a sub 4, he finished in 4:05 in 21st place. He was a bit bummed, but 4:05 is nothing to complain about. I mean really, I can’t even run a marathon in that time. Sheesh. 

Photo courtesy of Jana caught right at the finish line!
Da Boys
Happy 50k Finishers - Alyssa, Jessica, Aron, Krsten and Layla
So many smiles, so many laughs! I loved watching people cross the finish line. So inspiring. Thinking about my own 50k coming up, I am both confident and frightened at the same time. I can be both right? Most everyone I knew crossed the Way Too Cool finish line in well under seven hours. Will I be able to break that? As of right now, it looks like I won’t finish until the 8 hour mark. I still have a bit of fight in me though, and hoping to channel it from all those fabulous runners I saw at Way Too Cool. 

Finally, I am not certain why you have waited this long, but if you haven’t registered for The San Francisco Marathon yet, do it now! Really. Register. It takes five minutes. The price goes up March 15th and if that does not get ya, then here - Use code DSC10AMBAG2013 upon registering for a nice little discount. This discount will only be valid until March 15th. So, GOOOOOOOOO! Oh, and Happy Running!

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