On Sunday I ran the Coastal Trails Canyon Meadow Marathon. This marked my 4th overall marathon and my very 1st trail marathon.

I was scared it’s true. I mean, the last time I tried to run a Marathon, I DNF’d at California International Moonson. What if I wasn’t able to complete this one. What if I wasn’t ready? Well, happy to report that I did indeed complete the Canyon Meadow Marathon and even happier to report that upon crossing the finish line, I felt great!

UMM also ran the marathon and at the last minute, Layla registered for the 30k. I am so glad she did! All the course distances followed the same route and I got to run with Layla for the first half! I really loved running with her! I also really enjoyed the course. It was quite hilly in the first few miles, after which was a lot of rolling hills, and a whole lot of single track downhill! Fun, fun, fun!!!!
Layla and I at the start
The race was held at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. Surprisingly, this park allows dogs to frolic off leash. As a dog lover, it was so fun running past so many dogs. It truly was Dogtopia!

This course was a 13 mile loop that I did twice. I always dread loops, but honestly, it wasn’t so bad. After Layla and I parted ways, I was alone for five miles or so. I walked the hill climbs which were 3,068 elevation climb and just tried to focus on the views. At the aid station, I paused and drank some electrolytes, had a spot of soda and a Peanut Butter sandwich square. I also emptied my shoe of rocks. It was at this time that my friend Bernadette got to the aid station. Excited to see a friendly face, I ran with her for the next few miles. I loved having the company as I was feeling a bit drained. A bit before mile 20, Bernadette waved me away stating that she was going to stop and “get closer to nature.” I don’t know where it came from, but a second wind hit me like a fresh gale on a sail and off I went. I was flying and enjoying the new energy. This has never happened during my long runs and it was such a great feeling, I just had to go with it!
Bernadette and I at the aid station. Got Vasoline cause I certainly do!
I passed quite a few runners which also never happens! I felt so good and was so happy that before I knew it, I crossed the finish line well over 10 minutes before what I predicted I would finish. Apparently, I caught Layla and UMM off guard as they were nowhere to be found. When I did see them walking back to the finish line, I ran out to them with a big smile on my face! And yep, I certainly did run! They were bummed they missed my finish, but I was just happy to have them there! UMM finished the marathon 2nd overall and Layla just weeks after running her first 50k was on a running streak, finished her 30k strong! Yep, my friends are certainly hardcore rock stars!

I finished the marathon feeling great at 5:50:15. Speedwise, nothing to write home about, but surprisingly, I managed to place 3rd in my age group! Gotta love small trail races! The week before I had run 22.5 miles in 5:54. What a difference a race can make! Finishing 26.2 miles faster than my 22.5 training run certainly built up my confidence for my upcoming 50k. I am really looking forward to it!
Ranbir, Layla, myself and UMM at the finish!

Umm and I were able to take home the best finishers medal ever! A new pup! We had met her Saturday, fell in love and took her home Sunday. Penny is a 11 month old spaniel mix rescue pup! We are so happy to welcome her into our home! I got a dog! I got a dog! Yep, this certainly was a great weekend! So much to celebrate and so happy to have such amazing friends and support to celebrate with!

Post race hair, Penny our new pup and UMM

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