Vacation Mode

I dropped my mileage down last week as my body was quite tired from the Canyon Meadow trail marathon. It didn’t hurt persay, it just felt drained. Perhaps dropping my miles was not the best thing to do since I am still in training mode for my first 50k, but I did what I did. Maybe I listen to my body a little too much.

Very excited as I leave for vaca on Sunday! UMM and I are heading to New York, a city we love to visit. We are then heading to Boston where not only do I get to cheer UMM and other friends running the Boston Marathon, but I am also running the 5k event that happens the day before the Mary. I am very excited to visit Boston as I have never been. UMM and I are staying on a houseboat and that is also very exciting as I love love love boats!

I expect there will be no PRs for this 5k though. And that’s okay. My focus naturally has been getting time on my feet. Learning how to run long distances on trails in preparation for the 50k. I have had no speed training. I will still sprint my little heart out and enjoy the race. After my 50k, I would like to work on improving my sprint and 5k time. I have not had a 5k PR (21:25) in a couple of years and I am just itching to break it.

I also hope I can get some miles in while on vacation. Traveling certainly puts a toll on my body though. I will try to get out there as much as possible especially with my 50k at the end of the month. EEK.

Before I head off, I will be volunteering with the Folsom Trail Runners at the American River 50 mile race on Saturday. I will be at the 22.4 mile mark passing out water and cheering everyone on as they run by. Good luck to all those running!

Boston roll call - Will you be there running? Spectating?

And just because I am madly in love - Pictures of Penny our new Pup!

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