Behind the Scenes Part Duo

I returned to one of my favorite towns; Santa Cruz, and worked at the Surfer’s Path Marathon and Capitola Half. This was my second year serving on the race committee and the second year anniversary for this new event.

I was responsible for overseeing social media outlets as well as coordinating volunteers. I also ended up wearing many hats and helped out wherever was needed. The weekend was a blur of busy, but rewarding all just the same.

The race doubled in numbers from the first year and there was a two team relay added to the half marathon.When planning events, anything can happen! Some things will be out of your control no matter how many times you follow-up. Despite some small snafus, everything turned out really well!

Finish Line in the beginning before the bulk of the runners came in.
While I have never run the marathon course in its entirety, I have run all parts of the course at different times. It is hilly sure, but certainly not as hilly as The San Francisco Marathon. Quite a few friends of mine obtained a shiney new PR, so it can’t be that bad, right?! With beautiful coastal views, cool temps, I hope to actually be a participant in the event someday instead of working behind the scenes.

Regardless, whether I am working it or running, this was a wonderful event to be a part of! You really can’t beat superb race organization, fun people and great weather. It was truly a party on the beach!

Paulette & UMM volunteered their time to help out waking up at 4am! So appreciative of all that they did!
Paulette checking people in!
Elise and I looking very official! :P That's Paulette's shadow taking the pic!
SFM Ambassadors representing! Bummed that I did not get Meg in the shot!
Keri and her pup Shilo at the expo!
Hooray! Keri ran her very 1st Half Marathon! So proud!
Marcia and Jesse after the Half!
Carina who got a Half PR!
Woohoo and the lovely Shannon who PR'd on the Marathon course! 

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