Just Another Dirty Trails Saturday

The mind is capable of much more than the body can handle. Looking back, it perhaps was not such a good idea to register for a race but two weeks after running my first 50k. And then, unforeseen and certainly unwanted, having my bum ankle that I painfully rolled  twice. But, I do love being surrounded by the run community so who am I to complain!

I participated in the Dirty Little Secret Trail 5.8 mile race organized by Fleet Feet, Sacramento and held in Cool. I will say that the race organization was awesome! The shirts were great and the pancake breakfast even better. The race course however was not my cup of tea.

Some of the Folsom Trail Runners at Dirty Little Secret - Love how we are all looking in different directions
I love trees! I love running in lush beautiful forests shaded by canopy upon canopy of leaves. Green ferns and moss decorating the dark brown bark seen every stride of the way. Yep, I am a tree trail runner. And this course was mostly open exposed meadows. There was one creek crossing that led you up a nice hill climb surrounded by my tree friends, but that was it.

I was not racing, but did want to push myself. After a mile of running in meadow however, I mentally just couldn’t bare it. The thought that the meadow was as good as it gets tore me down. I should have pushed through, but the heat at 8:45am already intolerable, slowed me down. About to cross the finish line I said aloud “so glad to be done.” A gal I was right behind agreed with my statement. My Garmin displayed 5.85 miles, but it felt like 15.8.

Not to be a total downer, I did have fun! I mean how can you not surrounded by running friends and acquaintances. And I love the shirt! Funny, it seems that some of my worst race experiences seem to have the best fitting shirt and designs.

After DLS; UMM, Penny, and I dashed off to the Inaugural Gold Rush 100k. UMM paced Ranbir the last 20 miles and I crewed. Did I mention it was a hot day? Perhaps too hot and not the best idea to bring the dog, but she was a trooper. And oh, how cute she was excitedly greeting the runners who crossed the finish line. She is turning into a running mascot. And proud doggie mommy moment - She ran her first eight trail miles at Jenkinson Lake on Friday. Yay!!! 

Hooray! 8 miles in the books for Penny at Jenkinson Lake!
Anyway, back to the Gold Rush - Both of Matt’s buddies Rob and Ranbir battled the heat and ended up finishing in the top 15! Amazing really. I mean here I ran a measly 5.8 miles complaining of the heat and these guys ran in the heat for nine plus hours. Yep, I’m not worthy! It was a long, hot, run related day, but fun all just the same.

Ranbir and UMM at the finish!
Rob on the course photo courtesy of his lovely wife Cara
Exhausted at the Finish line! That's how the 100k finishers felt too!
This week you can find me in Santa Cruz busily working at the Surfer’s Path Marathon. While I won’t be running, I will be surrounded by my favorite community of runners. Forest of Nisene Marks Half Marathon is my next trail race where I will be among my tree friends. Following that marks my favorite weekend of the year - The San Francisco Marathon but of course! Busy running calendar and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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