Summer Confessions & Chatter

I was deep in thought for the last couple of weeks. So much so, that I just couldn’t write my thoughts out in a post. Well, happy to report; I’m back. Honestly, you didn’t miss much! But here are a few highlights all just the same.
On the 4th of July, I participated in the Folsom Firecracker 5k race. If you don’t know by now, the 5k is my absolute favorite distance to race. I usually fair pretty good to boot. This particular Thursday was hot. As I mentioned before, I am Goldilocks when it comes to running. I like the weather conditions to be not too hot not too cold, but (say it with me) JUST RIGHT! So waking up and driving out to Folsom which is roughly a half an hour from where I reside, the temps were at 90 degrees. It was 7am when I got there! As always, I arrived early, got my bib and shirt and then spent an hour waiting, stretching, hydrating. Also as always, when the gun went off, I started off way too fast. Silly Syn - I should have known better. The temperatures had now reached 95 degrees and the first half mile I was running a sub 7 pace.  It caught  up  with me however, and the next two miles of the short race sucked major arse. And, I even walked a ton. So shameful. I felt dizzy and sick not to mention defeated. Here I was running in a 5k race and I was walking!! It was bad. I crossed the finish line in 26 minutes. 89th overall. 30th Gender. 4th in my age group. I was really bummed by my performance. It took me a few days to give myself that well deserved pat on the back and look at the bright side. Not a bad finishing time and place for WALKING part of the course out of the 1,000 registered entrants.!!!! In the end, I fought the heat and the heat won, but I realized that regardless how fast or slow I am, how hot or cold the temperature is, I still love to run!

And really, that’s what it is all about!

Up next - I am attempting to get back into running shape. I am focused on losing the weight I somehow managed to gain in the last year and get back some of my speed. So humbling to not be up to par with fitness, running weight, everything!
I registered for the Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon happening October 19th. Normally I don’t care much for hardware, but check this baby out!
I mean who wouldn’t want a medal with Johnny Cash on it that also poses as a bottle opener! I am also thinking about registering for the Inaugural Berkeley Half Marathon. With a net downhill course, what’s not to love! I would love to PR at both of these upcoming races, but really, I would be happy just getting back to where I was!

Besides my confession of me not being entirely happy with my weight, I have but one more. My ankle is still giving me grief from turning it back in April. I am doing what I can to help it, but the healing process is slow. Because of my ankle woes, I have not ran trails in a bit. As of right now, the terrain is just too much for my weak ankle. I miss my beloved trails, but I am confident I will be back in no time! It will just be me and my old pavement pal for a bit!

So there it is! What about you - Any deep dark running truths you want to confess?
So spoiled to have so many beautiful lakes to explore in my neighborhood! Penny the Pup and pooch pal Stout admire the view at Lotus Lake!

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