Weekends with Friends

Weekends are always great, but certainly better when friends visit. The last couple of weekends, friends came out to visit and I had so much fun catching up and hosting.

Since UMM had to work on his days off, Shannon, Mark, Monte (their dog), Penny and I all headed out to Ice House Road where we did some exploring. I love this area not only because it's very close to where I live, but also because there is an abundance of beautiful lakes to explore.

We started out at Big Hill Lookout point where we got a view of Union Valley Reservoir. We then did a four mile out and back jike to the Bassi Falls area. I don’t know why, but I was shocked to see how many people were hanging out by the falls. It was like stumbling upon Malibu Barbie Beach party. Granted it was the weekend, but I still was shocked to see so many. We found a few watering holes out of crowds way and let the dogs take a dip. Well, Monte took a dip and Penny put her paws in. She is not much for water. I can’t complain, at least she runs!
After Bassi Falls, we headed to Union Valley where we swam and relaxed. That evening we met back up w/ UMM where we hung out and BBQ’d. It was the perfect way to end such a fun day!

This last weekend, I had my very close non running friends and their kids come out to visit. We all hung out and then walked on down to Main Street where The Bell Tower Brewfest was taking place. With over thirty breweries represented, it was a beer drinkers dream. I did not get a chance to try all thirty that were represented, but I was able to cover more than half. Besides some of the breweries that I frequent and love like Hoppy Brewing Company, and Jack Russell, I was able to try a few new breweries and I absolutely fell in love with Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. It was super refreshing on the hot day and I even went back for seconds, thirds, fourths. :) Another brewery that I tried that I really enjoyed was High Sierra! Delicious!!!
Because I was hosting non running friends, I did not make it out to cheer/support Western States 100. I had some friends that battled the heat however, and did amazing!! I am very proud of them!
On Sunday, all of us headed out to Sly Park lake for some swim time! I loved having my friends come to visit! It is so nice to spend some time with them and go exploring! Very lucky to live in an area where there are so many activities to do!
My weekly mileage might be lacking, but I am still running and enjoying the freedom of not sticking to a training plan and just running for fun.

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