Trails Reunited

On Sunday, I did something I hadn’t done since early June - Hit the trails and spoiler alert; no ankle pain!
I headed out to Pollock Pines which is 20 minutes away from where I live. Usually, I run around Jenkinson Lake, but this time I met up with the Folsom Trail Runners for a Run on the Sly training run. Even though I am not registered for this race, I still went out to explore these new to me trails. Running with the FTR’s was certainly the bonus! I love running with this group! The trail started from Fresh Pond which is also the start of the Run on the Sly race. It was on mostly fire roads. It eventually connects down at the lake, but I did not run that far. I know some of the group really prefer to be on single track, but for me, worried about my ankle issues, I enjoyed the fire roads just fine!
Matt, Megan, & Scott in perfect stride.
I took Penny the Pup along with the intent to only run 8 miles. Somehow I missed a turn and added a couple more miles to the run! Penny handled it like a pro and our reward for finishing was a lovely soak in the fumes with some of the group! It was a beautiful run and I had forgotten how much I missed running on the trails. You certainly can’t beat the smell of pine and that running high! Hooray for being back on the trails!
Penny the Pup catching her breath.
Group soak!

This week I am trying something crazy! A juice detox! I will certainly be writing of my experience but for now, bottoms up! Cheers!!!!

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