Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ring of Fire

It is no secret that I enjoy participating in races. A bonus if there is a cool theme attached. The inaugural Folsom Blues Breakout Run (formerly four bridges) had the most amazing theme/mascot ever - Why Johnny Cash of course! And, how could I not participate.

I had been looking forward to this half marathon for a quite awhile. I was pumped and ready to go. I knew the course as I had ran Lake Natoma a few times before that also included running the course a week before the race. It was then that I felt amazing and ready to conquer the world. Race day however, was a different story.

In true Alisyn fashion, I went out to fast in the beginning. How could I not? The first two miles were downhill. WEEEEEEEEE. I love running downhill! I was feeling great. The first six miles I ran an 8:10 average pace. Currently, an 8:10 is pretty ambitious as my pace has slowed a bit this last year. But like I said, I was feeling great so I went with it. The next half of the race however was me falling “down down down in a burning ring of fire”. My 8:10 pace turned into a 10 minute pace. I felt sick and had a very bad side cramp that I don’t usually experience. It just wasn’t my day. I crossed the finish line in 2:05. The week before, I was right on my goal target. Funny how my running performance can change so quickly from one day to the next. Though I knew I wasn’t going to PR this race, my goal was simply to run a sub 2 which is normally not a problem for me. I felt so shitty after the race, that I even denied free beer at the finish line. I know that is hard to believe, so I will repeat;
Yep! Hope that never happens again.

Okay, so I wasn’t happy with my race. Oh well. I still managed to have fun and here is why - Along the course was Johnny Cash cover bands! Woohoo. I think there were four bands total. I would have loved to have seen more. My favorite was a punk style band at the last aid station. While I don’t know the name of the band, I do appreciate the upbeat punk to help put a bounce in my step. My friend Cara PR’d by, I think over 12 minutes! I had other friends PR as well! Yay for friends PRing! Normally, I don’t care much for hardware, but look at this baby! Bonus it’s functional as a beer opener! Yippee!
The organization of the race was fine minus the fact that I did not care for the parking logistics of it all. This race was point to point with the start line two miles from the finish.  I realize with 3,000 race participants, parking can always be a bit of a hassle, but I really felt that this race in particular could have had better logistics. I don’t want to get into particulars, but I will admit it was a bit stressful. Everything did work out in the end though, so C’est la vie!
Cara and I at the Finish
And that’s that! Other than the race, so many exciting things have been happening, but I will just have to save that for another blog post!


Layla said...

Oh man, I know how that goes. I still distinctly recall the half where I thought I'd PR, where I had the "hmm, this pace is a little fast but that's OK" thoughts, where I found myself at a dead stop in mile 8, where I didn't take all the fantastic food at the finish line. It even had a really cool medal, too. It happens. But it's how you deal with it that counts -- and you saw the good things, which means you conquered the race rather than it conquering you. Congratulations!
And I love the medal! Hooray for a bottle opener!

sonia the mexigarian said...

I was getting the emails about this run and soooooooooooo wanted to do it! !. Love the man in black 2. The medal looks freaking awesome 3. get me out of bay area! haha But October was such a hectic month for me. just couldn't fit it in. :( It sounds like a fun race! Though the parking would probably annoy me too. lol. sad you didn't have the race you wanted. there is always next time :) at least you had fun out there!