Apples and Annoucements

 I am very humbled to announce that I have been chosen to be apart of The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Team for 2014! This will be my third year serving amongst some fantastic runners from all different walks of life. I love being an ambassador and am absolutely thrilled to be part of such an amazing race.

This also marks the year that I run the marathon! It will be my first time running the marathon officially. I am glad Placerville is a hilly place for I will have my own backyard to practice in. And yes, there are some pretty steep hills for me to do some hill repeats on. The idea of hills makes me want to barf, but I do love a great challenge and upon completing the SF Marathon July 27, 2014, I will thus qualify for the 52 Club! Anyone else complete the “Half it All Challenge” and is now ready to join me as we try for the 52 Club? Let me know as it would be great to virtually train together!

On Sunday, I went back for a 2nd year to run the Apple Hill Harvest Race held in Camino which is about 10 minutes away from my house. Hooray for local races! Hooray for rolling out of bed at the last minute! Last year I ran the 3.5 course in about 27 minutes and placed 1st in my Age Group. It is Apple Hilly after all. This year, I was sick with a cold and not expecting to Age Place at all. In fact, the first ½ mile of the start, I took it pretty easy. My breathing patterns were completely off so I just coasted up a hill. When I finally was able to get my breath in tact, I  increased my speed. It felt good to push, but then it got painful. My head started to hurt pretty bad. You know, comparable to a sinus headache or pressure from elevation gain. That is sort of how it felt. Luckily though, this was a part in the course where it was downhill. It was a combination of me joyfully saying WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and then not so joyfully groaning in the pain. Please note that these sounds were inside my head and I did not actually make them. Perhaps I will next time! I crossed the finish line in 29 minutes. I was happy. I got to run fast for some parts and take it easy in others. I did not run at full capacity, but I was okay with that. Again, I was not expecting to age place, but I did. I placed 2nd! As a reward, I got the yummiest local Apple Cider from Apple Hill! This cider is delicious, not to mention all natural. Swoon! I love being so close to Apple Hill! With prize claimed, UMM and I headed to Jack Russell Brewery where we had a beer with friends who had also run the race. It was a great day!
Folsom Trail Runners Group Shot
Jennifer and I
Umm w/ fellow SFM Ambassador Christopher
UMM and I with my winnings!

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