AfterNuun Run Relay Team

I am very thrilled and excited to announce that I will be running my very first relay with an amazing group of runners! The team is made up of fellow SFM ambassadors and UMM. There always has to be the oddball right? UMM is a great addition to the team even if he is not a SFM ambassador as he still actively helps me support my favorite race!

The Ragnar Relay SoCal will be held April 4th and 5th, starting in Huntington Beach and finishing in San Diego. We are very fortunate to be sponsored by Nuun Hydration, The San Francisco Marathon, Skechers, and Gametiime!

Meet my Fabulous Team mates -

Bruce Ahlf
Christopher Marana Malenab - Our fearless leader
Erin Mink Garvey
Jordan Wight
Keith Schlottman
Laura Dring Moir
Mary Kelly Persyn
Matt McKurtis
Meg Gudgeirsson
Paulette Ference
Westley Lashley
The relay will prove to be quite the adventure and I am so honored to share this experience with amazing runners! Anything can happen! And perhaps, I might even be able to convince Wes to be my tutu twin again! ;)

Interested in running the coolest race around? Use discount code - DSC10TSFM2014A3 for $10 off The San Francisco Marathon.

Since this will be my first relay, do you have any tips to share? I would love to hear about your relay race experiences!


Monika said…
Have fun! Love the tutu picture! David was the great photographer. :o)
themexigarian said…
Sounds like a great group of people to do a relay with! Congrats :) I hear it's an insanely fun time!
Layla said…
Wheeee! How fun! The most important tip: Plan ahead of time how much you will eat and drink, and stick to it, since you'll be running at weird times and will be tired. Otherwise you'll suddenly realize that you haven't eaten in six hours but you're supposed to run again in 15 minutes. Also, Kristen wrote a post about this:
S Ganeeban said…
Congrats! These races look so FUN!
Keri said…
Wooohoo! The distance description was confusing. Is it an all-day/all-night run? How many miles will you run? Sounds fun and a fun adventure too to go to SoCal. :)
Alisyn said…
And you, a fantastic tutu maker! :)
Alisyn said…
Awesome! Love Kristen's blog post! Very informative! Thank you for the tip! Hard to imagine I can forget to eat, but sometimes when I am excited the thought does escape me.
Alisyn said…
2 vans, 12 runners = relay running all day and all night. I will only be doing 13 or 14 miles total (broken up into legs), while others like Matt, will do 21 total miles. It will most certainly be an adventure!
UltraMilesMatt said…
I never forget to eat! Fallow my lead...

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