Arnold Rim Trail Rocks

On Saturday, UMM, Penny the Pup and I took a day trip out to Arnold, Ca. Arnold is about an hour and forty-five minute drive on some slightly winding roads of the 49 highway. I had never been to Arnold and it was a real treat. Clint hosted the run for the Folsom Trail Runners out on the Arnold Rim Trail.

Photo courtesy of Scott.
Because the trail was not covered in snow like it usually is this time of year, we took full advantage. Some people ran 20 miles out and back. I however, ran 10 that was a point to point. This trail was absolutely gorgeous running through trees. There were barely any exposed areas (which I loved) and after each gnarly hill climb, there were gorgeous views of the valley below.

I was barely coming off of being sick, so I personally felt this run was a bit more challenging. I mean it was challenging enough for those who were in tip top health, but despite not being at a hundred percent, I still really enjoyed my time on the trails. Clint was super awesome, as he always ran  back to check on me to make sure I was running the right path. I fell once and turned my ankle (the good one) twice, but luckily the pain subsided and I was able to continue on my way. I got to know some great people and catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. It was a perfect morning!

Top of the World!

Lindsay, Marnie, Mary, me, Clint
And then of course we celebrated with beer after at Snowshoe Brewing. I had an IPA and Apricot Ale. The IPA was delicious of course earning me an level 5 IPA badge on Untappd, but I wasn’t  into the Apricot Ale I tried.

We departed the group where UMM surprised me by taking me on a tour of the Mercer Caverns in Murphys. The tour involved walking down and up 14 stories of stairs which was awesome on my tired legs, but totally worth it! The cave was very cool and I loved the story behind it. Murphy’s was also a very cute town with tons of places for wine tasting. We did not partake in wine tasting adventures this time around, but hopefully we will make another trip out there soon!

Intently staring at rocks!

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