Top Notch

Switching gears here for a moment -
It is no secret that I love vintage and retro style fashion. On the same subject, I absolutely adore hats! An outfit is never quite complete without a stylish hat or hair accessory if you ask me!
It appears that when I wear a hat, I seem to also have a drink in tow!
Thankfully, other fashionistas share my passion for hats that does include one of my very good friends Susannah. Being the uber creative one that she is, she started her own company Chimeric Millinery where she designs and makes her own hats.

“Whimsical, thematic hats for the extraordinarily imaginative & slightly silly. Wear your art & top your noggin w/ noggin toppers.”

Is how she would describe her hats. My description is not as colorful, but I do love love love them! Each one is original, fun, and well, simply fabulous! If I was in a better position financially, I would buy all her hats and not share!

I did buy one so far however.. Wore it to a wedding just recently and got a ton of compliments! More so than any other hat I have worn to date. And, as you can tell from the above pictures, I wear a lot of hats!
Out of running clothes...Imagine that!
Susannah, knowing I love hats almost as much as I love running, sent me a truly touching surprise! She designed a one of a kind Run in Syn hat! Complete with running shoes and my little mascot; the crawdad! I love this hat so very much and can’t express in words how much it means to me that she created such a personalized gift just for me! While it would be a bit difficult to wear it out running (I wouldn’t want to ruin it with my mess of sweaty running hair), I cannot wait to find the perfect occasion to wear it out on the town!
Love the colors, but I might be a tad bias!

Other beautiful hats can be found at the Chimeric Millinery Etsy Store or if you rather, Facebook. Susannah can also custom design a hat perfect for any occasion. With the endless possibilities, what would you flair on the top of your noggin?

The opinions of the above post are my own. I was not forced to write this blog nor held down at gunpoint. I simply wanted to show off my friends’ talents and share her fantastic style. I write about things I love and the above is top notch!

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