Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spirit of Benny 5k

Running the same bike trail week after does have one great advantage - You start to see the same people running the same path and thus, this is how friendships are formed!

Getting our run on out on the Jail Trail er, El Dorado Bike Trail
My newest running buddy is not only an amazing person but she just happens to be the Race Director of a fun community fundraising race event - The Spirit of Benny 5k & 10k held right here in Placerville. One Hundred percent of all proceeds made from the event are given to a non-profit called Partners in Care. That means that all race expenses (permits, medals, etc.) are completely out of pocket.

And why would my newest running buddy organize a race all out of pocket you might ask? Because she is passionate about the cause! You see, she had the misfortune of losing her son to a rare and fatal disorder of the nervous system a few years back. It all happened so fast. And with no one else to turn to, Partners in Care (a non-profit community organization dedicated to improving the care of the seriously ill) was there.

With heartfelt thanks to my friend Patty, I had the privilege of participating in this community event. I love races that start and finish only three miles away from where I reside. The race was well organized and really, I am not just saying this to be bias.The Start/Finish line area was festive that included a band. The course logistics were up to par, and I absolutely loved all the swag! Besides a tech shirt, I received a cute mesh bag, sunflower seeds to plant in memory of Benny (love this idea and can’t wait to plant them), and a logo decal.

I participated in the 5k. I had no goal except to beat my course PR. I felt pretty good toeing up to the start amongst all these track kids who I knew would leave me in the dust! Being that I run the course weekly, I knew it well, so when the gun went off, I was off and running. The first half of the race is a downhill incline which is awesome as you can really fly down the path. It is the second half of the race that I had to run back up the hill as it was an out and back. Not so awesome as my pace decreased.

It was somewhere in the middle of the second mile that I got pupped! Getting pupped is much like getting chicked, only it is by a dog instead of a girl. Of course, I can never really get chicked because, well I am a chick, but you get my drift. If Penny the Pup was there to race with me, she would have never allowed this to happen. That will teach me to leave her at the finish line! Still, I bow down to the little speedster cutie!

I crossed the finish line in 24:52. I finished 20 overall, 7th Female, 1st AG. I also managed to get a course PR. It was a fun morning and a great way to kick off the day as I had friends in town and we were going to indulge in some serious wine tasting business.

I am so happy I was able to participate in such a whole - soled souled event and honored to be surrounded by such inspiring women running friends! I look forward to participating in this fantastic local fundraising race event again next year!

The beautifully talented RD!
Carina and I before the sweat fest began!
Penny the Pup meeting Scooter. She didn't quite know what to think of him. Comedy at it's finest!
Clearly well after the race... 
And, with wine in tow!


myheartscontentblog.com said...

I found myself thinking about this race as I was running today and was so touched by the dedication of Benny's mum to make this race great and to raise money. Bless her.

Great race for you as well - I need to do a 5k...

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