Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ragnar SoCal - The Adventure Begins!

Tomorrow I leave for an adventure - Running the Ragnar Relay in SoCal. I am very excited and thrilled to be apart of such a dynamic team!

A great opportunity, as we are fortunate to be sponsored by some great companies. Shoutouts and huge thank you’s go out to

NUUN - Keeping us hydrated and providing a team entry!

The San Francisco Marathon - Taking care of the van costs and amazing swag.
Register for any of the SF Marathon events and save $10 with code: DSC10RAGNAR2014

Skechers - Providing us with light as a feather Go Run 3 shoes!

Gametiime - An awesome new website for finding races in the area, they have provided us with some fabulous t’shirts!
Zensah - Excited to recover in the compression gear they provided.
Fitsok - For official race socks!

Our start time is around 12:45pm. I am in van two, runner 12! I am excited that I get to cross the finish line, but nervous about running at night. Even with my glasses, I have horrible night vision. I fear I will either:

A.Get lost
B. Trip and fall (which I should be use to by now)
C. Cross paths with a skunk. Dead or alive it doesn’t matter - The smell is always there! But don’t get me wrong - I do love skunks! I even took a skunk rehabilitation class on how to save them...Oh, But that is another story!
Hoping it will be;
D. None of the above as I should run with a blindfold more often!

I can’t wait to catch up with my fellow SFM ambassador friends and get to know a few more...The best way to make friends is in a van down by the river, right?

Let the Ragnar adventure begin!!!


Paulette said...

I can't wait for you to see how fun the night legs can be - little bobbing lights all over the place. :) I love seeing all of the runners along the routes at night!

Gametiime said...

Thank you so much for the mention. We're so happy to be part of it all this year. Enjoy the weekend!