The Planner & The Procrastinator

While UMM and I share a few similarities, we are both very different. I mean, I would hope so right. How bored would I be if I was in a relationship with well, me. He challenges me everyday, and for that, I love the guy! There are those times though that I do want to rip his brains out and smash them against the wall, but I will just refrain and save that for the zombie apocalypse.

The biggest example of how we differ is that I am planner. UMM is not. Let the conflict begin. It isn’t a huge deal really. I mean we make it work just like our ancestors have been doing for centuries. It can however be quite challenging when trying to plan around holidays, events or even weekend activities.

It became especially challenging when Matt got into the Western States 100 miler. While everyone selected from the lottery went home that very same day to book accommodations, UMM waited. It was around this time that I started experiencing heart palpitations. I took a few deep breaths and told myself this was UMM’s surf. Just ride the wave and let him take care of things.

Every Sunday thereafter, I would pull out my mental list of things that I had accomplished and could cross off. I love crossing things off my list. While the crossing of action items is never ending, there is something very satisfactory about getting stuff done. Except, every Sunday there it was screaming at me: BOOK ACCOMMODATIONS FOR WESTERN STATES. And every Sunday I would politely remind UMM who would then acknowledge my reminder with an enthusiastic “YES! I need to take care of it!”

And then there was the packing for our Ragnar SoCal adventures. It’s true that I tend to pack way in advance before the actual trip. I pack so early in fact that I have to pack to upack to then pack again, just so I remember what the heck I had packed in the first place.
UMM however, waits until the very last minute. The night before our trip, I gave him a beer. I thought it would make the packing process less painful. I turn my head for one minute and all of a sudden he is lying on the bed.

“What are you doing” I ask?
“Oh, just taking a break.” He says.
From what, I wonder.
He then asks me to sing Purple Rain with him. I don’t really care for the song much and why out of all the songs in the world does he chose Purple Rain as our duet? It is within that very moment of annoyance that brilliance hits.

“Okay.” I say sneakingly.
“I will sing Purple Rain with you after every five articles of clothing that you pack.” I was partially kidding, but UMM took on the challenge and wasted no time packing his clothes. After the first five items were packed, I held up my end of the bargain and sang the chorus of Purple Rain. Apparently I didn’t put enough feeling behind it, so after another five items were packed; I belted my little heart out.

So there we were ; UMM and myself singing Purple Rain at the top of our lungs.

Ragnar Relay Finish!

This last Sunday, I am happy to report that I was able to cross Western States Accommodations off of my list! Email # 1 has been sent to UMM’s crew and my heart is beating normal once again! To my surprise, the planet did not crumble into a billion little pieces, nor was I set ablaze like the phoenix due to late planning.

Everything eventually works out while UMM gets ready to begin his first 100 mile journey and I continue to cross things off my list. We celebrate our differences by yep, you got it - Singing Purple Rain loudly with no shame, all while enjoying a nice, delicious beer.

When not running, we Swing dance!

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