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The San Francisco Marathon training has begun and I am three weeks behind in announcing it - Surprise! With that, I begin the ramping up phase of marathon training. I recently completed 15 miles. While this is not my first rodeo when it comes to training for a marathon, I am always shocked when I run farther than 13 miles. At the end of my 15 miler, I shouted “I did it!” like it was my first time running such. It’s silly really, but I suppose it is better to be excited about higher mileage than dreading it.

Did you know that Nuun is going to be the electrolyte on the SFM course? Stoaked about this as Nuun just happens to be my electrolyte of choice. My favorite flavors are the the lemon- lime and pink lemonade. I do like citrus!

In other race news, The Surfer Path’s Marathon and Capitola Half is coming up this Sunday! I love this race and not just because I am on the race committee. This really is a great community event where most of the course is held with coastal views (my absolute favorite to experience while running). I am really excited to announce that Meg and I will be hosting a Tweetup at the beachfront Expo in Capitola. Come join us! It will be a beautiful and fun afternoon by the sea!

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted a position as the Director of Operations and Outreach with the El Dorado Arts Council. I am thrilled to be apart of such a dynamic not to mention creative team. While I am passionate about the running community, the arts - performing, fine, & literary, have always been a huge part of my life..Since the age of three. No really! I believe it is important to keep the arts alive by raising visibility and increasing participation within the community. “More Arts in More Places with More People!”

The start of a new job and a couple of trips to the Bay Area this last week caused me to fall behind in my weekly mileage goal. There are always going to be bumps in the road when training for a race. Life happens. Instead of stressing about the lack of miles I failed to do, I look forward to the quality miles I will be putting in this next week and beyond.

One of those trips to the Bay Area included me being apart of one of my best friends wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony and I just wish those moments of celebrating their new life together would have lasted forever.

The wedding party. Such a magical day!
The beautiful bride & my amazing friends!
The next day I continued to celebrate their love by running hungover with fellow SFM Ambassadors. It was fun to see Paulette and Kevin again and great getting to know Corrine who has such an amazing, not to mention inspiring story (I’ll let her share it)!

Group pic. The men did not call each other in the morning to coordinate outfits, but doesn't it make a great group photo!

Myself, Corrine, Paulette
Busy life = a happy me!

Will I be seeing you in Santa Cruz this weekend?

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