Western States Thoughts - From the Background

This week is the week! All the training and all the planning have brought me to this very moment!

With the way I am carrying on, you would think that I was the one running the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race, but we all know that would never happen!

Just like the Boston Marathon however, I can and will live vicariously through UMM and all of his running glory...I’ll just be hanging out behind the scenes. Go TEAM UMM #322

This Thursday, we head up to Squaw and become a part of it all. UMM is as ready as he will ever be, rice cakes are made, and crew duties have all been assigned. I feel a mix of emotions ranging from excitement to nerves and everything in between (and I am just in the background).

Of course this race would not be possible without the dedication and time of our wonderful crew mates. UMM and I are so grateful to have such fabulous friends as support. Shout out’s and many thank you’s go out  to -



So, that is all I have to say really! Stay tuned as the Western States adventure unfolds!

Follow myself or Paulette on Twitter for live updates. You can also follow along on instagram - Runinsyn. Or check out the Ultra Sports Live TV Live Feed for coverage.

Have you ran a 100 mile race? Do you have any last minute tips for UMM? What about crewing 100 miles, I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

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