The San Francisco Marathon Madness Week!

This weekend I head out the city for The San Francisco Marathon festivity madness!
In addition to running the Marathon on Sunday (hello 52.4 club!), you will also find me engaged in activities leading up to Sunday.

Where I will be -

Friday July 25th - 11:30pm - 3:30pm I will be working a shift at the expo held at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion.. Please come say hello! You will find me a the Runner Tracking Booth!

Friday Night - Thirsty Bear Brewing Company! TBB is treating the SFM ambassadors to a tour and a newly made brew! But first, I need to get my Ramen fix! The sad truth is Placerville does not have Ramen and I have yet to find a Ramen spot in the surrounding areas. Oh the horror! So, yes. While in SF, I must get my Ramen fix!

Saturday July 26th - 8:30am, Shakeout  run with the Road Racing Badass; Bart Yasso.

Saturday, 1pm - Meetup/Tweetup at the expo. Please stop by! If we haven’t meet in person and only electronically, this would be the perfect opportunity!!! It was two years ago at TSFM Tweetup that I first met Paulette and we have been friends ever since!

Sunday July 27th -Go time! Race morning, I will start in Wave 3 running the marathon distance with an estimated finish time of 4:30. Perhaps I will finish before or beyond. Either way no PR’s, just running a marathon for fun! You know how we do!

I am super excited to see all my TSFM Ambassador buddies and meet a few new faces as well as see all my friends who may not be ambassadors, but are just as cool if not cooler!

Are you running in San Francisco this weekend? Drop me a note/tweet/message/text/carrier pigeon/raven and let me know, I would love to see you!

Happy Race Weekend!!!

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