Staying Healthy & Fighting for a Cause

It has been a couple of weeks since running the TSFM and I am back at it. I changed my routine up a tad and have started a boot camp with AMP Fitness.

I never really was a boot camp type of chick, but I do enjoy group fitness. This particular boot camp combines running and strengthening. Naturally, I love the sprinting part and need a little more work on the strengthening end. The first week, my whole body was sore sore sore, and I absolutely loved the feeling! Such a nice change of pace.

In addition to boot camp, I am also teaching a weekly Pilates class. I have always been very fond of pilates and use to be an instructor. It feels so good to be teaching pilates again and so awesome to have friends and co workers workout with me. I love pilates almost as much as I love running. It is so good for you and I just adore all the core work involved!

In other news, My dad was recently diagnosed with hodgkin's disease and is currently going through the motions of chemotherapy. A few years past, my mom had breast cancer. Cancer sucks and it seems to be everywhere. No one is safe from this horrible disease.

When my boot camp group, Amp Fitness announced that they formed a team for Relay for Life, I immediately signed up. Relay for life is basically just running laps around the track for a 24 hour duration of time. The team takes shifts raising awareness for the American Cancer Society. Because this topic is close to my heart, I am also fundraising for the event. It is the least I can do for my parents, and frankly, I am investing in my own future and that of ALL my loved ones. I rarely ask for money, but if you could spare a dime, please visit my fundraising page and give a little. No amount is too small and I would certainly appreciate your support! Huge cyber hugs to you all!

My friend Jenna has also set up Younique page for me. If you buy any makeup from Jenna from now until the date of the relay, September 6th, 25% of her sales will go towards my fundraising cause. While I have not used any of Younique’s products yet, I do really want to try the color eyeshadow options available. The colors are bold and striking. They are mineral based and  chemical free. Check them out, buy some makeup, and donate to this worthy cause! We all win!!! And thank you, Jenna for your support!

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