Playing Catch Up

Blog has been ignored and I feel bad about that. I really do. To catch you up a tad, work has been keeping me busy. I would rather be busy than bored so rest assured, this is a good thing.

I am still running, but not as much as I had been. Perhaps I just needed a reboot. When I did get out for a run, it was the best thing ever. I held no negative thoughts or hatred towards running. It was nice to not be on a training schedule or worry about reaching my weekly mile goals. I ran when I wanted. What a concept. And, yes, I am also still enjoying bootcamp. We do a lot of sprinting in boot camp and while I am not putting in the miles I use to, I am very much enjoying the spurts of sprinting.

The cooler weather that has hit Placerville has also inspired me to get out more and run. I can’t wait until the cool weather sticks so that I can start doing runch! Oh how I miss runch!

This week starts a weight loss challenge I am participating in. I have never done a weight loss challenge and I am hoping it will help me lose the 10 pounds I seemed to have gained in the last two years. We shall see, but I am really excited to try it out. I am not so excited to give up dessert however. Goodbye sweets, hello smaller waistline...Hopefully!

So what have I been doing this lovely month of September? I raised money for cancer research and participated in Relay for Life. I am really glad I participated in this event and was able to raise some money for such a worthy cause. Many thank you’s and hugs for all the support! You all mean the world to me!

I traveled to visit my BFF who just recently moved to Mariposa. Two city girls now living in the country/foothills. I would have never thought, but hey, we are eating a lot of peaches, so it works!  And when in Mariposa, one should dress like Lucille Ball and stomp grapes, you know to blend in with the Mariposians naturally.

The next weekend, I took Penny on a running tour of my home town, visited with friends, and went to the Bark in Park event in San Jose .

I might have participated in karaoke hosted by Elvis with Cathryn and her lovely family on labor day weekend.

And there you have the highlights. There was so much more going on, but those were the highlights. I could also mention that the El Dorado Arts Council (where I work), moved to another location and had a successful fundraising event that I helped coordinate, but who wants to talk about work anyway, unless of course you love your job...And so I do!

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