I ran the Barktoberfest 5k with my dog Penny the Pup. It was her first official 5k race. Instead of myself telling you all about it, I have asked Penny the Pup to be my guest blogger for this post. While the thoughts and words on the post are purely Penny’s, I did assist her with spelling.

It was just another morning where mom wakes up early. Sometimes she is up so early that I don’t even want to get out of bed. This was not one of those times. I ate my breakfast in 26.2 seconds. It is here that I will excitedly inform you that 26.2 seconds is a PR for how fast I can swallow down my kibble! Hooray for me! Best morning ever! I then did my business outside, and soon mom was telling me to load up in the car. I kept asking her where we were off too, but mom never responded. On a side note, I get annoyed that I have to learn mom’s language, but she does not even bother to learn mine. My mom is the best human ever it’s true, but sometimes, I just wish she would howl with me.

It seemed like we were in the car forever. I aged a week in that darn car, but then there we were! A sniffing butt, dog treat utopia. Mom told me that we were going to run a race! I was really excited. I love to run. I love to run in the front. This was my chance to show all those other butts just how fast I can run. Mom got our bib and we walked about some before it was time to paw up to the starting line. We were in the front as instructed and my goodness there were a lot of dogs and LIGHT REFLECTIONS. Light reflections from runner’s watches are the best things ever! One day I will get those little buggers. They are always just out of reach. I mean, they must have some super power. I can see them, they are there, but I can never grab a hold of them. I bet they taste like liver. I’m going to get you my little reflection light and you are going to be so delicious!

Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections.

Wait. There was something I was just doing.

Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections.

Oh, I remember. I was telling you about the race! Since I like being first, when the announcer shouted “GO” I was off like a rocket ship! Whatever that is. Some things are just more important than Light Reflections.

Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections.

There were a few humans ahead of us and no butts (or dogs as you humans refer). I was the lead pup, but that wasn’t good enough, so I made mom run faster. It was hot out and really, I don’t think she could keep up, but mom surprised me. We passed those humans and we were in the lead. There was a row of dog bowls that had water in them. I was thirsty, but decided I had no time for drinking as I had a race to win.

The course and event was held at Maidu Park in Roseville. It was a loop. Some butts and humans were doing the 2.5k, but mom and me, we were doing the 5k. The 5k was a double loop. As we passed the start line beginning our 2nd loop, a German Butt err, German Shepherd passed us. Sonova dog biscuit! I tried to increase my speed but mom and me just couldn’t keep up. German Butt was now in the lead. Penny the Pup (that’s me) was now second. First is the Worst and SECOND IS THE BEST! I stopped at the water bowls this time because I was thirsty, but much to my dismay, the dog bowls were filled with a mixture of water and dog slobber. So gross. We kept running, passing all the walking Butts and humans until finally when I was wanting the whole thing to be over with (I had ran ten miles the day before), we crossed the finish line! Hooray! I did it! I crossed the finish line 2nd overall pup! It was the best moment ever. Humans gave me cookies, congratulated me, and that was it! Mom mentioned the course was a tad over so looks like we ran 3.6 in 30 minutes. At the start of the race at 9am it was 90 degrees. Disgusting.

It was the best day ever! I can’t wait to run in a race again. Mom said there is a chance that she might be organizing a dog race next year. I know she won’t be able to run it, but hopefully Dad or one of their human friends will run with me! It was so much fun! I love running, and racing, and light reflections!

The 1st place ribbon was from an agility fun match. Running & Agility all in one morning!
This is my "mom stop taking pictures of me" face!
Rolling on the grass is the best thing ever!

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