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I’m behind in race reporting. So, today I present to you, the Double Special. Two race recaps in one! Short, sweet, and here we go!

This was the 2nd time I participated in the Folsom Blues Breakout Half and just like the first time, my performance was less than stellar. I really tried to pace myself in the beginning of this run and not just blow down the hill in the first few miles. This was a mistake I had made last year. This year, my energy felt lost from mile six on. Cause: Lack of proper nutrition, I bet.

So, it wasn’t the time I was after (three minutes slower than last year), but I did enjoy the Johnny Cash tribute bands that were out on the course, seeing friends and having UMM and Penny the Pup waiting for me at the finish line with avocado toast and coffee to boot! It was awesome to have them there for support! Sadly, I couldn’t stay long for I had to rush back up the hill to put on an event for work. We just moved to a new building with a beautiful spiral staircase. I did not foresee all the up and downs I had to make, but let’s just say my legs were nice and sore after running a half and stair climbing.

UMM and I at the finish line!

Love the bottle opener medals

Next up, I ran the Apple Hill Harvest Run. This marks my 3rd year participating in this annual race. It was scheduled the day after my works grand Opening Gala that I organized. I knew I would be tired and I wondered what I was thinking signing up for a race the day after organizing a major event. C’est la vie. I ran as always, the 3.5 race. Right when I started, my lungs started to burn and my heart rate was way up. I do believe other runners around me had lung burning issues as well. Everyone was coughing and spitting. Was it the cold air? The chimneys of all the houses we passed? Or, a combination of the two. I wondered if the other runners tasted blood as well.
Different from years past, I felt that the course was far less hillier than I remembered. Thanks to now living in Placerville, I might just be getting use to all them hills. I crossed the finish line in 29:40. 39 seconds slower than last years race and two minutes slower still than two years ago.

Jen and I pre race

Beth and I post race
While I had a lot of fun running this race and overall happy with my time, I would like to get back to where I was before, at least in the 5k distance. More speed work it is then!

So there is! My two race recap report. Reflecting on my races helps me see where I lack and where I need to improve. I would like nothing more than to get back to my 5k PR. So here we go…...

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