I Got Pupp'd

For the last six weeks, I participated in a Weight Loss Challenge with my boot camp, AMP Fitness. I did not make my goal of loosing 10 pounds, but I did successfully lose five pounds. I also learned a lot about my eating habits.

There were some days, that I just did not eat enough of my required daily calories needed. Who knew that being under the calorie goal could be a detriment? Perhaps I am the last person to realize this, but better late than never. The last couple of weeks of the WLC, I admit I ate more sugar stuff than I should of, but this is where my weakness lies. I do enjoy sweets, but thanks to this WLC, I am learning to eat them in moderation.

Don't you feel sorry for me having to deal with this view?
At the end of the WLC, AMP Fitness organized a 5k trail race and weigh-in. Family members were invited to participate, so naturally, I brought UMM and Penny the Pup. The trail race was held in Coloma on a trail I know very well, the Gerle Creek Loop. Mostly compacted dirt with a few baby hills, made this course a semi-fast trail race. The weather temperatures were perfect, just the way I liked it, not too cold, nor too hot. 

Boot camp coaches daughter took a liking to UMM. Too cute!

We set off with UMM and Penny the Pup in the lead and me second. I tried to keep the space between us tight, but that was not held for long. Even though UMM is a long distance runner, he is fast regardless of what distance. I kept a good pace going and was happy to be on the trails. I just recently conquered my fear of putting things in my eyes and am now proudly wearing contacts. This marked my first time on the trails sans prescription glasses, and I absolutely loved it! A mile in and I heard footsteps creep behind me. By the sound of the thumps, I knew I was about to be passed. It was a guy I did not recognize, who attended boot camp class at a different time. After he passed, I continued on for a bit. As far as my contacts could see, it was just me. I slowed a bit and settled into a comfortable pace and enjoyed the scenery. At two miles, I hit a loop that we had to do twice. As I began my first loop, UMM and Penny the Pup began there 2nd. It was super fun to see them again and chase after them eating their dust. The loop seemed to go by faster the second time around and maybe that was because I knew what I would expect. Heading to the finish line, UMM and Penny the Pup who had clearly finished, came back to run me in. That was a lot of fun! I ran the 3.1 course in 27:05 finishing 3rd overall and 1st female. UMM and Penny the Pup ran the race in 20:21. Yep, I basically got pupped, but awesome that my little dog was able to run a sub 7 pace. Proud doggie mom over here!

Posing w/ fellow boot campers
Making friends post race. This dog just keeps on going!

It was a fun day out on the trails!

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