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I love Birthdays! And not just my own, but I am particularly fond of my own. You should be too! Well, not of mine, but yours. Anyway, I currently celebrated yet another birthday. It is amazing to me to think that I have made it this far. More so, that I am the age that I am.

Monterey getaway, had to stop at the Aquarium of course!
Selfies at the shore!
Hiking at Point Lobos!
Favorite German Restaurant - Stammtisch in Seaside.
So fast. Too fast it all went, but that is how it goes, right? This year, birthday celebrating did not disappoint! Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes! Ever notice that the official birthday song is a very monotone sound? Is that because we are just plain sick of singing the Birthday song, or it naturally just a downer type song. Perhaps it is time to update the Birthday Song...Thoughts?

Birthday Beers back in my own stomping grounds!

Celebrating dual b'days with my mom wouldn't be complete without an ooey gooey Chocolate Cake!
In other news, I spent another year cheering and spectating at the Way Too Cool 50k race. Like years past, it was a great day! Congrats to all the runners and all the PR's to be had! 
PRs all around!
Penny the Pup Cheering on the runners

Monte too!


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