Owls on the Run

I participated in the Getty Owl 5k race in Sacramento on Sunday, February 22. 

The race supports SMA that stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and is an inherited disease that causes progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. 
The course started and finished at Crocker Park that is right across the street from the Crocker Art Museum.
I used this race as a time trial to see my improvements from the track workouts I have been doing the past couple of months. The course was relatively flat with a couple of tiny hill climbs. I can't say that I felt a 100 percent going into this race, but I wasn't completely craptastic either. A good in between, I would say. 
I was hoping to average a 23 minute finish at this race. This by no means is a 5k PR for me, but I am slowly trying to get back my 5k groove. Hence all the intense track workouts I have been putting in. Much to my disappointment, I crossed the finish line in 24:43, four seconds faster than the Folsom Christmas Carol 5k I had ran back in December. That course held more steep climbs to boot. I will take that three seconds faster, I was just hoping for more. Perhaps it just wasn't my day. I did finish 11th female overall and took home a 2nd place Age Place win. Despite the disappointment of my performance, I had a really fun time at this well organized race.
Shiny medal making me squint.
After the race, my friend Jessica and I went for brunch at the Fox and Goose and then enjoyed the Crocker Art Museum. A fun day in Sacramento indeed!
Dressing up fun at the Crocker -- Toulouse Lautrec Installation

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