A Double 5k Weekend

Months in advanced I registered for back to back (Saturday and Sunday) 5k races not knowing at the time that I would be engaged in one hectic week leading up to the events. Just days before I went out to Sacramento for Confluence 2015, which was a "California for the Arts" conference involving Art Council and Art Organization professionals. It was busy, tiring, and amazing! I was not able to fit any running in that week and then fast forward to Saturday morning - Race day!

The Sugarloaf Stampede is a local race on a course I know oh too well. In fact, I had won the Gold Rush 5k and 10k on this exact course years before. I am quite a bit slower than those glory winning days, but I was excited to participate in a local race where I did not have to wake up super early. In true Alisyn fashion, I still arrived at the race with plenty of time to go to the restroom three or four times, pickup my bib and buy some raffle tickets. I bumped into an AMP Fitness fellow bootcamper and we both guiltily chatted about our lacking attendance at bootcamp these last few weeks. Finally it was time to toe up at the start line and with a brief announcement, we were off.

The course started above a school field and led us to the El Dorado Trail where it went up and up and up a hill. A few guys were in front of me and another chick was close behind. Admittedly, running up the hill really took a lot out of me, but I told myself to take it easy until I reached the turn around. I pushed and at the turn around point I sprang into a sprint--down, down, down. Running downhill is the best thing ever! The next mile and a half was pretty uneventful as I cheered on other runners and went through all the mind games that occur when running. Before I knew it, I was back on the field running through grass and then I crossed the finish line! I finished in 25:57, 4th overall, 1st female, 1st AG. Of course this was not a PR, but I will take the win all just the same. This was a great, well organized race overall. My only qualm was that at the awards ceremony they did not recognize the overall winners but only announced the Age Group winners. Strange. Oh, but I did win a raffle  prize, a new pair of Brooks Running Shoes. It was a day of wins!

Shoutout to my faster half who decided at the very last minute that he was going to run the Mokelumne River 50 miler on the same day as the Stampede. UMM ran well, but I would expect nothing less! Go UMM!

On Sunday, Penny the Pup and I went out and ran the Mighty Dog 5k out at Granite Bay. This race was geared specifically for runners and their dogs. Instead of age group categories, there was small, medium, and large dog categories all eligible for awards. I had Penny the Pup, (26.5lbs) under the medium category that was 26 - 69 pounds.  That is a huge category. Sadly, we did not qualify for an award, but had a fun time out on the trail! Penny pushed me when I needed to be pushed and I did the same. We made a great team! So cute to see all the dogs off and running at the start! They were all very excited, and UMM told me afterwards, that we left a cloud of dust. It was a super fun race! The Race director did inform everyone that the next race would have more dog categories! I will definitely participate again if that is the case.

Doggie Dust Bowl

Penny the Pups tongue might be sticking out, but she is smiling for sure!

It's hot out, but still smiling!

Crossing the finish line and yep--Still smiling!

Even Penny appreciates ice water baths!

Overall, it was a fun running weekend!

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