Returning to the Surf

For the fourth year in a row, I participated in the Surfer’s Path Marathon and Capitola Half in Santa Cruz. This year however, I did not return volunteering for the event, serving on the race committee, but was able to be apart of the event as a runner!

I love this race! Not only is it well organized (and no, I am not just being bias), but running in a town that I absolutely adore with coastal views makes this a destination race not to be missed. It was so awesome to be able to actually run the course!

I originally signed up for the half with my badass ultra friend Cara, who had recently just completed a 50 miler race where she overworked a muscle and had a slight injury. She was able to run six miles, but not certain if she could run the whole 13.1 miles. Not wanting her to waste her runcation, we switched flawlessly to the relay at the expo the day before the race.
Stolen picture of  me in the air
I ran the second leg and met Cara in Capitola where she passed the slap on bracelet to me and I passed the keys to the car back to her. The relay  transition was awesome and smooth. Before Cara was even at the transition area, our bib number was called out and I was able to meet her with ease and grace. I was off and the first few miles were awesome and at a sub 8 pace. I love running at sea level, I really do!  At 4.5 miles, I got a horrible, no good, very bad, side stitch. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. I walked and stretched it out a tad, came to an aid station, gulped some electrolyte where it immediately ceased. Thank goodness. The pain was so bad I almost thought I would have to stop running completely. So happy that this was not the case. On I went. I saw Paulette cheering on the course, passed the boardwalk and then, soon enough, I was crossing the finish line!
Cara and I at the Finish
Paulette and Kevin at the finish

Paulette and I at the start
Apparently the timing company had marked our time wrong, and it had us with a finishing time of 1:37:00. While it would have been fantastic to finish in that time, that simply was not the case. Instead, we received an overall finish time of 1:47:00, 13th overall out of a hundred and something teams. Not too shabby! I think my split was  6.9  at 53  minutes! Happy relay team! Go us!

It was super fun to see Meg and Kevin at the finish line too! I just love the finish line festivities. It was like a run party on the beach!

Cara and I also had an opportunity to go on a brewery tour where my friend Keri joined us for a beer! It was a great full packed weekend. I definitely will return to run this race again! I love the Surfer’s Path!

First beer stop - Discretion Brewery

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