Cuddling Up to my Running Journal + Giveaway

Confession time - I still write in a calendar that lives in my purse and travels everywhere I go. And yes, I do also use a digital calendar. You would think double dipping would get to be a bit repetitive, but I suppose I am old fashion in the sense that I like putting a pen to paper. I feel like this caveman motion helps me to remember things better. And frankly, I could use all the help I can get in the memory department.

Completely stocked that JournalMENU approached me and asked to review their running journal! While I do keep digital logs on all my run adventures and workouts, I do not write them down. There is something magical about writing your goals out on paper versus just inputting them into a boring old spreadsheet. I’d like to think that years from now, I mean thousands of years from now, lying underneath a pile of rubble, someone just might discover my journal and get inspired to keep a running/workout journal of their very own.

Back to the present, I was able to customize my very own journal! There are many color and theme choices as well as different workout journals to choose from such as yoga, weight lifting, everyday workouts, the list goes on!
Inside, the journal holds pages beyond pages of awesome information such as pace charts and training plans. 

I am able to log my personal records, all my training runs, and can even write a review on each race I participate in. Bonus, there is a motivational quote on each page!

Why I love this journal -
It is customized just for me
I can geek out on my training with noone to judge
If I put it in writing, it has to be achieved
I can look back to review progress or lack of, and adjust my training accordingly
I can cuddle with it in bed all while dreaming sweet running dreams

I am very impressed by JournalMENU and highly recommend you give this whole pencil to paper thing a try. In fact, I have the opportunity to present one winner with their very own Customized Journal. You know the drill. Enter below to win. One winner will be announced on Friday, June 26.

Disclosure: JournalMENU gifted me this Running Journal in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Use caution when cuddling up with JournalMENU in bed. JournalMENU is not a proper cuddling companion.  

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