I participated in a virtual run called #ThePuppyRun hosted by Gametiime.
First off, I love Gametiime! Such a fun company and uber supportive of the running community. Gametiime is no stranger to me as they were also a sponsor of our afterNuun Run team at the SoCal Ragnar relay last year.

I patiently awaited the goody package that was delivered in the mail upon registering for the virtual race. It was a bit of wait, but when the swag package finally fell upon my doorstep, it was like Christmas in June! So much Swag that included a cute puppy dog medal, a collapsible dog dish, fresh baked cookies for Penny the Pup, a sticker, a dog bandana and a super cute and comfy tee for mee. I love the colors gray and red. Bonus, it looks super cute on me! Oh yes, and a bib was included.

Penny and I ran the 5k from my house to the El Dorado Trail. We took the run in leisure with my friend Beth joining us. As always, the route was hilly. In addition, it was quite humid, but the run was fun all just the same. Truth be told, we ran five miles (the over achievers that we are), but I split the run in half to portray the 5k time. That’s not cheating right? It is all in good fun all just the same!

This was my first time I payed for a virtual race and I have to say, I really enjoyed the overall experience. Proceeds made from the race will benefit Valhalla Canine Rescue to boot!  I was able to connect to the Gametiime website and see other participant race times. On the Puppy Run Facebook page it was super fun to see posts and pictures of other runners from across the country. And, of course I loved seeing all the cute adorable puppy dogs! I love dogs and this was a great virtual race for Penny the Pup and I to participate in! Gametiime is also offering prizes for tons of categories. Beyond the fastest times, they are awarding prizes for cutest picture, biggest team, best collage, etc etc. These awards have yet to be announced, but I do know that I have already won one! #hashtagcrazy! I found every bloody #hashtag on the Gametiime website. My biggest accomplishment yet!

Kaji Kitty was feeling left out so I built him a kitty fort.
Gametiime did a wonderful job on getting people out there with their dogs, whether the participants were runners or not. And beyond all the swag and prizes, that is really what it is all about--Leading a healthy and active lifestyle with our four-legged bff’s!

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