Running, Exploring, & Dancing

I participated in yet another virtual race organized by Gametiime who also partnered with Nuun. This virtual run was open to the Nuun community that included #teamnuun, nuun employees, and #nuunbassadors.

It was pretty much the same type of deal as The Puppy Run. It was called #RunRideHydrate and you could race the 5k, 10k, or 15 mile bike ride.

Because this virtual race fell on a holiday weekend (4th of July), I was off the grid camping at a beautiful place just an hour away from Placerville. I had no cell service. I was camping but a ½ mile away from a gorgeous trail called Caples Creek trail. I signed up for the 5k, but the trail was so wonderful to run on that I ended up running the 10k and then added two miles for a total of eight. This was my first time on the trail and it was a real treat! Not too much climbing, but elevation was just high enough to feel my lungs clutching for air. It was an amazing morning out on the trails and overall a fabulous weekend camping at the river and exploring a nearby lake.

Shanon & Mark with puppy dogs in tow

Me--A shadow running in the meadow

Swoon worthy picture

One more swoon worthy pic
This upcoming weekend is The San Francisco Marathon and the first time in three years that I will not be running the race. While I am a bit sad to miss out on running in a gorgeous city with some fabulous friends, I have been keeping myself busy organizing an event for my community.

Shameless promotion...Why yes, I think it is! I, on behalf of the El Dorado Arts Council, have worked very hard on a festival in celebration of National Dance Day on July 25. There will be dance performances, dance lessons, vendors, live entertainment from a swing/jazz style band, the Tepid Club of Cool, food trucks, and beer from Old Hangtown Beer Works (Yum, my favorite) and wine from Madroña Vineyards. I am super excited for this event. And while, it certainly has nothing to do with running, it does celebrate health and fitness through another type of endurance sport; dance!

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