Eat All The Cake

Eat all the Cake during the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon in Sacramento is what I did not do. Cake on the stick and Nutella stuffed something or others were offered at the aid stations during the race and while I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man, I did not indulge.
I did however meet The Oatmeal himself in person and got a rabbit, ghost thing drawn for me in one of my books.

I did see many friends and even had the opportunity to meet a few more.
 I did for the first time in my running history throw up on the course. I wish that I could tell you the cause of getting sick was due to pushing myself to an ultimate speed, but this is sadly not the case. I was running comfortably and taking it easy. I have no idea what went wrong as I felt fine before and after the race. The only conclusion that I can think of is that I worked an event the night before. I did not properly hydrate nor fuel as I should have. Could this be an excuse?  Perhaps! But really, I am still learning how to balance work, running and racing, and find it to be all a bit of a challenge. C'est la vie!

I did have fun! Despite not feeling up to par, how could I have not enjoyed this race! Smiling faces, running blerches, couches, and the offerings of cake made this a race to remember! I hope Beat the Blerch returns back to the Sacramento area as I would love to run it again!


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