Such Great Heights

My blog posts of 2015 have been sporadic and I have neglected to write an entry since November 16, 2015. That is not too bad I suppose. While I love writing and enjoy interacting electronically with amazing people I would otherwise never have crossed paths with, I feel that the blog, specifically my blog is getting a tad stale. Like bread that sits in the refrigerator. A bread that you love and couldn’t possibly throw out, but it might be time as the green spots say such.
I am not saying that this is the end of my blog as we speak, but I do think that there will be a few tweaks in the coming months. Changes perhaps? We shall see.

On that note, I have started 2016 out with a bang. By now it is no secret that I work for the El Dorado Arts Council. I am fortunate enough to combine my passion for art as well as leading a healthy, active lifestyle in our current gallery show; Such Great Heights--The Art of Endurance. This particular show means a lot to me for obvious reasons as it portrays that art is truly everywhere! Not only are we featuring some amazing local talent on our walls, but I had the honor of hosting the one and only Ann Trason at our Ultra Running Unplugged event. Ann Trason is a true ultra running badass and really an inspiration. The event also featured locals Rick Simonsen and Bruce La Belle. It was an evening filled with laughter, stories, and overall bonding with the running community. It was a wonderful treat! Bonus: We also had delicious beer thanks to the good folks at Jack Russell Brewery (who are opening a second location right on Main Street here in Placerville).
In a time when not too many women were running long distances, Ann Trason was out there getting it done, setting world records, and being an overall ambassador for the sport. And she is just so bloody humble about it all. Ann would much rather turn the tables around and talk about me and my running experiences than herself. I am so humbled that she gave her time to speak at our little organization event!
Doing what we love to do - Run and then drink beer!
Ann Trason, her adorable dog, and me!

Another amazing women who I would like to highlight quickly in this post is Margie Lopez Read. Margie was an ultra runner completing the Western States 100 a few times, as well as starting the Run on the Sly race back in the day. In a addition to being an overall awesome gal, Margie is also a very talented artist.

Run Sly by Margie Lopez Read

Rucky Chucky by Margie Lopez Read 

These are a couple of my favorite pieces currently featured in the show created by Margie. While the originals are not for sale, I do have a couple of limited edition prints for sale. Interested? Contact me for details. Margie has a program called Donation Art.

“I believe that art is at its best when it teaches, records a memory, tells a story, or provokes thought. For this reason, almost all of my pieces are accompanied with a story. My goal is to use art as a means to raise funds for programs that improve the condition of our world.”
- Margie Lopez Read

It is a wonderful program where the proceeds of her sales go to good causes. If nothing else, check out her work and support the artist community.

Here are a few other artworks featured in the show:

Solitary Gratitude by fellow runner and friend Charito Bartlett

Rafting by Joyce Martin
It is pure magic when art and endurance meet. For without them both, what would we ever have to write about!


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