At a Slackers Pace

I signed up for the 2nd annual Hotshot Half because I absolutely love this race and am very much looking forward to a weekend full of camping, running, friends, and celebrating life. A few weeks ago it occurred to me that I hadn’t really been training for this particular race.
Of course I am still running between 15 - 20 miles a week, but it’s not really training as I run whatever I feel like doing that day. No training schedules, no plans, not even weekly long runs out on the trails (though I have been hitting the trails, so that is something).
Did I mention that the Hotshot Half is in this Saturday, April 9, 2016! In true slacker fashion, I signed up and ran the Knickerbocker Canyon Half Marathon organized by Inside Trails on March 26. It seemed a good idea at the time and it all turned out great, really. I mean, I was pretty sore after the fact as the race was no joke. In actuality, the course is tougher than the Hotshot Half course. But, it was a beautiful spring day out on the trails in Auburn, and thanks to the K2 Hill and that horrible climb at the end, my butt has never looked so good! It took me three hours and thirty one minutes to complete the half and happy to report that I was smiling every mile of the way...Well, er, except for that last little bit with the bonus climb added in.
It was good to be out there though! I cleared my mind, stopped and smelled the flowers, chased butterflies, and took some swoon worthy pictures of cascading water.

Now that I crammed my training into the last few weeks, do you think I am ready for the Hotshot Half? Not so much, but I will enjoy the moment of being out there experiencing the beauty of the Tahoe National forest. I will be sure to report back!

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