Hotshot Half Part Deux

It was in the first three miles of the Hotshot Half Marathon that everything fell to pieces. A race that I had been looking forward to, but undertrained for, a race that I just couldn’t wait to run. And it was in that first three miles of this wonderful race that I contemplated a DNF.
It was not the weather that clouded my thoughts, though there was a light rain.

It was not the fact that I was well overdressed, it was quite muggy you see, and while I prepared for rain, three layers did seem quite extreme.

It was not the lack of friendly faces on the course as my good friend Shannon was up ahead within reach and there were plenty beyond.

While it was none of the above, it was due to the terrible, awful, no good cramps I experienced. And I’m not talking leg cramps. I stopped at an aid station on the course and asked for ibuprofen. The very nice lady informed me they did not have such, but offered me Tylenol. I asked if it worked for cramps and she said no. She then proceeded to dig into the endless first aid kit and offered me a white packet that nearly had “cramps”written on the label. Inside, were two pure white tablets that I popped in my mouth with no hesitation. I was desperate. In hindsight, perhaps taking a drug unknown was not the smartest idea, but I’d like to think those white tabs of wonder helped. Anything would have been better than taking ibuprofen of course. They could have been salt tabs for all I knew! And, with that, on I went. I felt better. My spirits lifted and I did not DNF but ran till the end. I even managed to get a course PR by four minutes! Go me (pats on back)!
The start of the race. Penny the Pup was not too happy about hanging on the sidelines.
2015 Pint Glass meet 2016 Coffee Mug. I love and use them both daily!
After digesting mystery medicine, I am all smiles!
I love this race. I loved it last year when I participated in the inaugural (click the link for a recap down memory lane), and I think I might even love it a little more the second year! The course is breathtaking, and the organization is stellar. Not only does the race organizers sweep the trail beforehand, but there are people cheering for you all throughout the trail. Yes, cheering on the actual trail! How awesome is that! The proceeds go towards a great cause! And, you certainly can’t beat the after party. Camping is included in registration and if you are a single gal (which I am not, but just saying) there is plenty of hotshot eye candy to go around.
Time for the perfect selfie!
Shannon and I with a swoon worthy background
Oh, you know, just a blurry picture of UMM rolling a log down the road of life.

Hotshot Half Marathon, I think I love you! But I want to know for sure, so I just might have to come back and run you for a third time. After all, third time is the charm! Until next year!

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