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I run because walking takes to long!
If you were to tell me in high school that I would be a runner later in life, I would have thought you to be just plum crazy! I was that chick that got out of running the mile during PE class. Yep, Physical Education teachers just loved me. If only they could see me now!
It has been seven years since I found a love for running and I am not planning on leaving it anytime soon. When I first started, I signed up for every race possible. I have raced distances up to a 50k, but my favorite distance to race still is the 5k. While I don’t race as often as I once did, I still love to be apart of the running community regardless whether it is on pavement or getting dirty on the trails.

I also like to give back to the sport I love so much. I am a past San Francisco Marathon Ambassador, A 2016 Ambassador for the Pony Express Marathon, An Ambassador for the FitFam community, as a product Ambassador for delicious nuun, comfortable Oofos, and an Oiselle Volée Runner. I have served on several race committees including Surfers Path and Capitola Half.  
I love animals and have an obsession with my dog Penny the Pup who is also quite the runner and my favorite running buddy. Well, second favorite next to my faster half who unlike me runs ultra marathons and has raced The Western States 100 mile. My passions expand to the arts where I work in art advocacy. Once upon a time, I also performed on a stage and in front of the camera, but that was many moons ago. I love the outdoors. In addition to running, I also include yoga, pilates, and dance into my weekly workouts. Weather permitting, I also love to SUP.
So that is me! I don’t always follow the rules, but I am happy and love my life.
Your turn! Tell me everything about YOU and don’t leave anything out!
2nd Place overall -5k

Racing has gone to the dogs!


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